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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Opening an Account

Ordont provides its customers with an open account automatically with their first order. To open an account, simply complete and mail us a prescription with your model or impression—we’ll even pay the postage for you. It’s that easy. Ordont will continue to offer the convenience of an open account as long as your account is kept current.

To request a prescription form, model boxes, and prepaid mailing labels click here.

How We Bill For Services

An invoice will be provided for every appliance you receive. In addition, you will receive a monthly statement summarizing all invoices, payments, and other billing related activity that occurred during the month, including a total due amount.

Accounts are considered current as long as the total due amount is paid by the 10th of the month following the statement preparation date.

Billing Questions

We work hard to ensure your satisfaction with our products and the accuracy of every bill. However, there are times when you may have questions. When that happens, simply give us a call at 800-325-3698, or send an email to billing@ordont.com. If you call during normal business hours (7A – 4P Central Time), we guarantee that your important call will be answered by a “live”, friendly voice who will be able to answer your questions or help you solve your problem.

When inquiring about your bill, please provide us with the doctor’s name, patient’s name or invoice number to help us more quickly answer your question.


Ordont accepts checks and MasterCard and Visa credit cards.

To pay using a check, simply enclose your check, along with the payment stub from your invoice or statement.

To pay by credit card, simply fill out your credit card information on the payment stub portion of your invoice or statement.

If you prefer, Ordont can keep your credit card information on file. To utilize this feature, simply check the “Keep Credit Card Information on File” box, the first time you pay using a credit card. Then, to pay future invoices or bills, using the credit card we have on file, just check the “Use Credit Card on file” box on your statement or invoice. Of course, you can always call us or email us at billing@ordont.com to request this service at any time.

Ordont Guarantee

We guarantee that your appliance will meet your expectations for quality and will perfectly fit the model you provide. If it doesn’t, we’ll provide you with a 100%, no hassle refund when you return the unused appliance to us within 90 days.

Ordont is well known in the industry for the quality of its work—and the integrity of its no hassle guarantee. Because of the skill and experience of our technicians and the process we use to ensure the fit of every appliance, quality issues and poor fit are extremely rare.

We sometimes receive distorted, cracked, or broken models. When this occurs, we will immediately call you to discuss the case and your options. In some cases, you may authorize us to continue—without a replacement model. When that happens, we will do our utmost best to construct an appliance within acceptable tolerances. However, we cannot guarantee the fit or replacement of the appliance.

To avoid this problem, many of our customers simply send us their patients’ impressions, and have us do the pour up here at our lab. If we create the model, we guarantee the fit.

Click here to learn about Ordont’s EZ Pour Up service.

Remake Policy

During the course of treatment, things change—as they should. Your appliance is designed to take this change into account. However, from time to time, those design tolerances are not enough. The appliance’ thread lengths are exceeded or springs lose their tensile strength or resiliency, or the length of time to accomplish the treatment objectives takes longer than anticipated.

As your “partner”, Ordont provides a remake policy to ensure that the appliance continues to do its job through the course of the treatment. During the course of treatment, Ordont will remake the appliance, as long as the appliance design does not change, for 30% of the original cost of the appliance.

To request a remake, send us a new model or impression—taken without the appliance in place—and note that is it for a “REMAKE”. Include the patient’s name, a copy of the original design and the date of the original invoice, if available. If the appliance is removable, instruct the patient to continue wearing their original appliance so no improvements are lost, while we remake the appliance.

Lost Appliance Policy

Ordont will replace any appliance lost by the patient within 90 days of the invoice for 1/2 the original appliance cost. Appliances lost after 90 days can be replaced, but at full cost of the original.

Credit for Unused Appliances

It’s very rare, but from time to time something occurs outside of your control, that results in an unused appliance. As your “partner”, Ordont will provide a full credit for unused appliances returned to us within 90 days of the invoice. No hassles, no questions.

Checking on the Status of an Appliance

Checking on the status of an appliance is easy. Give us a call at 800-325-3698. Your call will be answered by a “live” person (during business hours – 7A – 4P Central Time) who can quickly check the status of your order in our computer system. Just let us know the doctor’s name, patient name on the prescription, and the estimate number, if available.

For your convenience, order status can also be obtained via email. Just send an email to status@ordont.com. We’ll reply quickly, usually within a few minutes—or first thing the next business day following your request (if received after business hours)—with the status of your order. Make sure you include the doctor’s name and the patient’s name with your request.

Normal Delivery Time Frames

Delivery times vary according to the type of appliance you have ordered. Normal delivery time, regardless of the type of appliance, averages 9 – 12 calendar days—from the time your prescription and model leaves your office, to the day your appliance is received back in your office.

Ordering an Appliance with a Specific Due Date

As your “partner”, we will do our best to accommodate your patients’ needs. If you need a specific delivery date, we will do our best to deliver your appliance when requested. To order an appliance with a specific due date, please note the exact date you need the appliance returned to your office. Orders marked with a specific due date receive priority over those appliances marked ASAP.

Please make sure to account for shipping time. If you use our FREE postage paid shipping labels to ship your models to us, it will require 2-3 business days for us to receive them. For orders with particularly short time frames, we suggest that you ship them to us using an overnight shipping service, at your expense.

There may be an additional shipping charge, which will be automatically billed on your invoice, if your order time frames require us to ship your return order faster than our normal return shipping methods—which usually require 2-3 business days.

If you are in doubt, as to whether or not we can have your appliance back when you need it, give us a call. We’ll jointly figure out how to get the appliance to you when you need it!

Emergency Service

Emergency or RUSH orders can be accommodated using a combination of two way overnight shipping and our One Day Lab service. Additional shipping and lab charges apply.

To request an emergency order, please note EMERGENCY on your prescription, AND call our office at 800-325-3698 to alert us of your need.

Shipping Charges and Time Frames

There is no charge for models shipped to us using our normal shipping methods.

In addition to the time it takes for us to build your appliance, normal shipping methods require 4-6 business days—including the shipping time it takes for an order to be received in our office and returned to your office.

From time to time, based on your needs, you may need appliances returned more quickly. We will certainly accommodate those requests. However, they may be additional charges for shipping applied to your order.

To avoid additional shipping charges, use our FREE postage paid boxes and labels to ship your models to us, and allow enough time for us to receive, build, and return your model to us using our normal delivery time frames—usually 9-12 calendar days.

Model Issues

We guarantee that our appliances will fit the models you send us—exactly. The key is to have a good work model to begin with. Unfortunately, we cannot control the quality of the models we receive from our customers.

Often times, we receive models that are broken, improperly poured, or in some other way distorted—making it difficult or impossible to provide a properly fitting appliance.

If that happens, we will contact your office immediately to advise you of the issue—before we begin work on your appliance. We will explain the situation and, together, we will jointly determine how to proceed.

How to Avoid Model Problems To avoid these potential problems, and to reduce the cost, hassle, and mess of pouring up their own models, many of our customers utilize our EZ Pour Up service to produce the work models we need to build their patients’ appliances. When we produce the models, we guarantee the fit unconditionally.

To utilize our EZ Pour Up service, simply send us your impressions only. We’ll do the costly and messy work of producing the work models for you.

To send us your impression:
1) Wrap the impression in a damp paper towel and pack it in a tightly sealed plastic bag
2) Wrap the plastic bag containing the impression using the bubble wrap provided with our FREE model box
3) Affix our FREE postage paid shipping label to the box

To learn more about our EZ Pour Up service, and a new lower cost, more stable impression alginate material, available from one of our partners, click here.

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