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For an Appliance Outline and Laboratory Cost Estimate AT NO OBLIGATION (Prior to prescribing or for study purposes only)

1. Send upper and lower models with wax bite sheet. SEND WORK MODELS ONLY.
2. You will be sent the following information:
a. Hand drawn outline indicating clasps, attachments, or springs on removables and each band, bracket or ligature on fixed appliances.
b. Detailed correspondence including adjustment features and techniques.
c. Alternate appliance outlines to enable you to consider all aspects of appliance design prior to prescribing.

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You can contact us for a full exchange of ideas and individual case discussion at any time. The unusual has become commonplace through our opportunity to review interesting cases from tens of thousands of General Practitioners. Our skilled, competent technical staff provides you a clearing house of ideas, case histories and experience.

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• Indicate Your Appliance Preferences
• No Postage Needed. Simply Cut Our Label (Click HERE for the Paid Shipping Label Page) and Tape to Package
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• Credit Cards Accepted: Visa and MasterCard

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