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Basic Space Maintenance with Fixed Appliances

Simple space maintainers can prevent adverse mesial movement of molars. The molar position can also be retained to allow use of the leeway space in cases of insufficient arch length. Modifications to the basic space maintainer can allow for minor Simple space maintainers can prevent adverse mesial corrections for molar distilization, or anterior advancement. Retainers can be constructed with lingual removable arch wires for ease of adjustment or for periodic removal and cleaning.

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Protruded Anteriors in the Self-Conscious Adult

“I have an adult patient who is interested in improving protruded anteriors and closing and accompanying diastema. The lower incisors do not interfere with the proposed movement. The patient is a highly visible professional and desires an appliance that is esthetic. What appliance do other doctors prescribe in this situation and what has been their experience with treatment duration?”

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