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  • Bionator and Corrector Appliances for Arch Relationships

    Bionator and Corrector Appliances for Arch Relationships

    The Bionator and Orthopedic Corrector appliances offer an alternative to first bicuspid extraction on Class II cases with arch relationship discrepancies.

  • Difficulty Keeping Spring Retainer Appliances in Place

    Difficulty Keeping Spring Retainer Appliances in Place

    The Spring Retainer is a pre-adjusted appliance intended to improve minor anterior rotations. Pressure is built into the appliance for the desired movement, thus requiring little or no adjustment and minimal chair time. Another advantage of the Spring Retainer is that the active appliance can also serve as a post-treatment retainer, thus making this approach more economical for the patient.

  • Basic Space Maintenance with Fixed Appliances

    Simple space maintainers can prevent adverse mesial movement of molars. The molar position can also be retained to allow use of the leeway space in cases of insufficient arch length. Modifications to the basic space maintainer can allow for minor Simple space maintainers can prevent adverse mesial corrections for molar distilization, or anterior advancement. Retainers can be constructed with lingual removable arch wires for ease of adjustment or for periodic removal and cleaning.

  • Smile Series Aligner Trays Minor Movement of Anteriors

    Aligner trays are to be worn for a period of 3 to 4 weeks, 24 hours a day; except while eating, drinking, or during active sports. Each tray is numbered, beginning with tray #1, the rebound forces of the tray will move the teeth.

  • Anterior Crowding in Adult Patients

    “On adult cases with minor crowding in the upper anteriors, I often strip the interproximal surfaces for space to allow improvement of the esthetics. Occasionally, this approach does not provide the space needed. What appliance do doctors prescribe most in these situations?”

  • Protruded Anteriors in the Self-Conscious Adult

    “I have an adult patient who is interested in improving protruded anteriors and closing and accompanying diastema. The lower incisors do not interfere with the proposed movement. The patient is a highly visible professional and desires an appliance that is esthetic. What appliance do other doctors prescribe in this situation and what has been their experience with treatment duration?”

  • Hayrake Thumb Sucking Habit Appliance

    Young patients exhibiting thumb and/or tongue habits can be encouraged to discontinue the habit by using a reminder appliance. The appliance assists in compliance by making the child more aware of a finger habit that has become second nature. Improper posturing of the tongue can be approached by a guard that guides the tongue to the proper position in the vault and protects the anteriors from further malalignment.

  • Functional Unilateral Posterior Crossbite in Children

    The Schwarz Expansion Appliance is frequently prescribed for the type of case. Most doctors indicate that unilateral posterior crossbites are usually the result of a lateral shift of the mandible due to maxillary bilateral construction.

  • Ordont Smile Series Aligners

    Watch the Video: Smile Series Aligners for minor movement and now providing more extensive movements

  • Gear to Advance Anteriors

    Watch the video to learn more about how Expansion Screws are frequently the auxiliary of choice due to their versatility, durability and precision. The gear mechanisms usually have expansion ranges from five to ten millimeters, depending on application.

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