Bionator and Corrector Appliances for Arch Relationships

The Bionator and Orthopedic Corrector appliances offer an alternative to first bicuspid extraction on Class II cases with arch relationship discrepancies.

The Bionator is designed to reposition the mandible forward, improving patient profile. Additionally, these appliances are intended to effect improvement in the patient’s vertical; to close an anterior open bite, or, to open a deep bite. A construction bite is essential to the proper fabrication, fit and function of the appliance. The appliance is constructed to duplicate the mandibular repositioning and vertical opening achieved clinically with the wax bite. Again, patient cooperation is the key to successful improvement.

Boinator to Open the Bite includes a labial bow, midline screw, coffin wire, lingual wire and anterior acrylic cap. The anterior cap retards further anterior development while the posteriors are void of occlusal contact, free to develop vertically. Interproximal acrylic projections are intended to break the contacts posteriorly to further encourage vertical development. The midline gear extends the acrylic tongues interproximally on adjustment once each week.

The Orthopedic Corrector to Open the Bite will include two additional gears positioned on each side of the appliance. This allows the mandible to be repositioned forward in stages as the patient may not be able to reach the desired position initially. When the case has progressed to the point that the gears are to be activated, the interproximal acrylic should be removed from the lower portion of the appliance that might prevent proper seating on reinsertion.